Morag Siller was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was adopted at the age of three with her twin brother. At school she wanted to be a pianist but realised she would never be good enough to be professional, and then she wanted to be a policewoman but couldn’t apply as she was too short! She is 5′3 and had to be 5′4!

At school she had been in plays only to get out of classes when they were rehearsing but when she left school after attending the Edinburgh Acting School part time, she moved down to London at 18. She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School and then went to classes at RADA and a summer school. Before she had finished studying she was lucky enough to land a small part in the David Puttnam movie MEMPHIS BELLE.

Since 1992 she has performed in Films, West End Theatre, Television and Radio. In 2000 Morag fulfilled an ambition by writing and co-directing a comedy sketch show THE BRUSHED FORWARD ARRANGEMENT.

She has appeared in numerous television commercials and pop videos ( Morrissey, Holly Johnson, Thompson Twins and Comic relief)

She created semi regular roles on Television such as Flora Kilwillie in Monarch of the Glen, Marilyn Dingle in Emmerdale and Leona in CASUALTY,( which in 2000 she won AOL’s Best dramatic performance in a television series) Morag tried a new challenge which was also a secret ambition, by appearing in a musical! She performed in Les Miserables and Mamma Mia.

Morag is married and lives in Cheshire.

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